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January 09, 2023


A large bird resembling a swan or goose has made himself comfortable on a North East A-Road, according to reports on social media.

This has been The News From Britain.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Any reaction to this from the modern day Nostradamus?

Yes, cfjk, he states that dark passages within the deep internet foretell a coming swarm of AI-enabled crusaders disguised as exotic birds to distract the masses descending upon the motorways of a once-glorious but now decaying empire to wreak chaos. Traffic directions will reverse, roundabouts will grind to a halt and begin to move in opposite circles. Royal families will bicker internally over petty matters while failing to combat the menace and eventually lose their grip on ordinary citizens.

This has been The Future News From Britain.

The bird is a mute swan, so the media will not be getting any comment from it.

It matters whether it is a swan or a goose, as all swans in England belong to King Charles III, whereas geese are on their own.

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