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January 16, 2023


Beetleburgers could soon reach mass production — helping to feed the world

(Thanks to Ranald Adams, Ron T., Asher Scheiner, Al Barkafski, Barry Nester and Rod Nunley)


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See whether your dog might eat it. Then maybe leave it out for the birds.

Anybody up for a burger crawl? (or a crawling burger)

Next on The French Chef with Julia Child: le Scarabée Burger

Won't these beetleburgers confuse the restaurant health inspectors?

Pretty soon all insect parts that end up in the food will be classified as protein additives.

I thought chicken nuggets were already made of these.

Paging Beetle Bailey.

Well marketing will change the name to "Beatle Burgers"

Almost enough to make you reconsider soylent Green.

Didn't this get settled centuries ago? I blame Martin Luther and the Pope du Jour. (And, of course, squirrels.)

What happens if you say "beetleburg" three times?

Do the people catering in Davos know about this?

The most disgusting attempt to feed the world since "Do They Know It's Christmas."

Bill Gates is really pushing this and talking about how delicious they will be. So, to show that I'm a caring and giving person, I've decided he can have mine.

Probably less likely to have toxic bacteria than hamburger.

I've hearrd of cows being sculpted out of butter but VW Beetles sculpted out of hamburg is a new one for me.

Is the beetleburger better with pickles? What about mayo on top? And to drink I will have the beetle juice, no ice.

^5 @Meanie the Blue!

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