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January 08, 2023


A Lufkin man and woman were arrested Thursday night at La Quinta Inn after the duo was found naked in a room with PCP and methamphetamine while the man screamed unintelligibly as he attempted to perform what appeared to be a handstand, according to Lufkin police reports.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker, who says "They know how to party.")


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Lisa Hadnot? I think not, she had.

Texas is catching up to Florida

Hopefully, the Royal Family won't evolve into this.

Sounds like a good time was being had by all until the LEOs showed up.

That's why I prefer the pet-friendly floor at La Quinta. Maybe a little barking, but no screaming and no cops breaking down doors.

I've never actually seen one but, I have a feeling that a naked man doing a handstand would not be a pretty sight.

Very similar position for my colonoscopy last Friday. I opted for propofol instead of PCP & meth.

Which is more credible as proof of sobriety, a headstand or a back flip?

Pharmaross: Propofol? Known where I can score some?


To quote Johnny Carson...

It was wet and wild, weird & wacky stuff!

[The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force recommends people aged 45 should get a baseline scope & repeat every 10 years through age 75. Frequently combined with an upper endoscopy.]

So if I understand this headline correctly, using meth and PCP in the hotel room while screaming was OK, but when the naked handstanding started, the LEO's showed up?

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