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January 07, 2023


A group of burglars were caught off guard — and on camera — in Alhambra, when they accidentally broke into a diaper cleaning business instead of the medical marijuana dispensary next door.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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On the plus side, they're VERY difficult to light.

Not the good shit they wanted.

To be fair, if one is in that enlightened state of mind, one may very well forget to drop one's drawers when visiting the loo.

^5 and *snork* at Ralph!

Crime of the stinchery.

Yes, another ^5 and *snork* @Ralph!

Once a friend and I were traveling in Europe and when we crossed into Switzerland on foot, the friendly border agent asked us, “Und kein sh!t dabei?” Like we would have told him if we had had any (which, for the record, we did not). It was a lighthearted moment from a time when, in some ways, the world was a friendlier place.

Why do you think they call it dope?

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