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January 09, 2023


'Living Nostradamus' warns WW3 could be sparked by Elon Musk taking on the Antichrist

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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An upcoming Pay Per View spectacular.

Isn't he opening for Kid Rock?

So the Devil drives a Tesla?

The Antichrist will never be on Twitter. It won't pay the $8.

I thought Putin was the antichrist.

Seems appropriate that the Star reported this.

How's Elon going to fight himself?

This can’t be correct. I just recently saw an opening for Antichrist on L1nkedIn.

Is the Antichrist Mark Zuckerberg, then? That would make sense...

I thought the antichrist was banned from Twitter and started his own platform.


In the year 2K plus thirty less seven/ /There descends from Mars an evil not from Heaven/ /Commanding a red Tesla roadster he drives from afar/ /We meet our end in the brightness of a star/

This would make a great episode on "DEADLIEST WARRIOR".

I'll take the Antichrist in 3 rounds with a flying wedge off the top turnbuckle.

Hard to know which way to root in this match.

How do we narrow down all the candidates for Antichrist?

Now somebody will use the expletive "Jesus H. Antichrist" - I have always wondered what the 'H" stands for? BTW this shows up in a Mark Twain piece and he never says what the 'H' stands for. Perhaps if we might use the supercomputer on the DBblog Bridge to do a deep search, that would certainly put my questions to rest.

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