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January 23, 2023


'I was mugged in broad daylight at Tesco by a seagull'

(Thanks to Ralph)


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And, you can sing this to "Grandma got run over by a reindeer".

A man was arrested at the beach for feeding pot brownies to the seagulls. It was his third such arrest because, as he put it...

“I shall leave no tern unstoned.”

And if they flew over bays they'd be bay-gulls.

Johnathan Livingston Mugger

"never expected" but it "happened before"

Sounds like Richard Evans has an extremely short memo- - .. Oh look! Something shiny!

Avian cockroaches?

The gulls might actually be worse than the squirrels. Squirrels don't usually poo on your head. Then again, gulls don't usually get into your attic.

Thinking of that scene from Finding Nemo…

Speaking of being attacked by seagulls, this very much reminded me of a favorite Star Wars version of Bad Lip Reading that is worth a watch.


We're just doing what comes naturally here, who can resist a new thingamabob, a snarfblatt, or messing with a dinglehopper-over? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQIlLi9XK6E

The third episode of "Three and a Half Men" displays the foolhardiness of trusting a seagull.

"Finding Nemo" proves this by showing the only word a seagull knows: "Mine."

At least herons are polite.

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