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January 17, 2023


How would you score this?

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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A few years back I was at a church in Potomac Maryland that has a gym with a full length basketball court that’s about 3 stories high inside. Somehow one of the kids playing in there one evening managed to break the sprinkler head off. This was when we discovered that the sprinkler is connected to the fire alarm which summons the fire department.

Also, water is really bad for hardwood basketball courts.

What's the mystery? It was not caught, so it's a foul ball. She continues with an 0-1 count.

She broke the sprinkler so it must be a gutter ball

Hit the ceiling and the ground - perfect game.

Looks to me like a hole in one.

Looks like an open frame with a half pipe thrown into the angle of entry, and a stroker double wood finish.

Looks like an alley-oops.

We know exactly who did it and how it happened, thanks to the video. (Back in the day, we didn't take pictures to show that we had done something or who did it.)

I'd call it a nine out of a possible ten.

Can we comment if we don't wear bowlers, but on occaision done a fedora?

"Clean-up on lane 12."

They should hire her for security. Who'd want to tangle with a woman who can hit the ceiling with a heavy bowling ball?

Should this be handled the same way as when a golfer hits the ball into a water trap? Seems reasonable, since a water trap began forming immediately after she hit the sprinkler head. Maybe give her another shot on a different lane?


She's cute, so she gets away with it, I say. Same rules as when a punt hits the giant television in Jerryworld--dead ball and replay.

It actually ended up in the gutter so a gutter ball? I'm not sure bumpers there are going to help her and give that woman a heavier ball next time.

More entertaining than the WNBA.

The dude abides. I give her a do-over simply for wearing her pants below her cheeks.

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