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January 24, 2023


Tourists visiting the historic Civil War battle site in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, spotted a couple of two human-sized apparitions.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Will these human-sized apparitions soon become the new standard for measuring the size of asteroids?

They must have been ghosting him...

A couple of two? A trio of two would have been even scarier. Or a couple of three.

I will not argue against evidence like that.

Jim, I think we've moved on the Penguin standard.

Who could have guessed that Nessie & Bigfoot were Civil War buffs?

Obviously taken with their Bigfoot Nessie brand camera.

only rain on the windshield

Just a couple of lost souls looking for the correct Gettysburg address without Google Maps or Waze.

When people see things like this or Bigfoot or even the Loch Ness Monster, why do they automatically throw away their smartphones and reach for a 1968 Kodak Instamatic Camera with a worn out flashcube on it?

Were the two couples trying to make little apparations?

I see stupid people.

True story: someone (no, not me) had dinner plans in Gettysburg one summer evening, but the restaurant she and her friends had wanted to try had an hour plus wait, so instead she got take-out with broccoli featured as a main ingredient. A bit later, she had a bad case of gas. She happened to be in an area where a nocturnal ghost tour of Gettysburg was being given, and after she surreptitiously let one go near a monument, the tour guide excitedly announced to the group how he could smell the ghost, and made them gather around the monument so they could all smell it. This supposedly went on for a while. At least until she ran out of gas.

@nursecindy - Yes, they do
@Dr. Pangloss - that's a great story

Touring the Gettysburg battlefield at night is always when I go.

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