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January 17, 2023


Eight people, including five children, were injured after a Thai navy helicopter dropped flowers and sweets over a National Children’s Day event.

(Thanks to MOTW, who says "As God is my witness...") (A reference to this.)


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If Metro had any sense of humor, the story would have had Les Nessman's byline.

Was Augustus Gloop among the injured on the gobstopper gobsmacked list?

Did these folks just not get the memo? The effect of gravity was well narrated by Les during the episode Turkeys Away! in 1978. I don't imagine gravity has changed much in 45 years.

On the plus side & in their defense, at least they weren't celebrating Sankranti by dropping gobbemmas.

Correction: It was mistakenly reported that Khi Rat Thot Long was injured during the incident. khi Rat Thot Long is not an actual person, but instead means, "make a mess and blame the toilet hole."

- Staff

Speaking of you can buy anything on Amazon...

"I love the smell of roses and chocolate in the morning."

Oh the humanity, Les missed out on a golden opportunity to win yet another Silver Sow Award, Boogerz!

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