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January 23, 2023


There are many ways to measure the effectiveness of a tank. There’s its top speed, its armor, the range and power of its main gun. And then there’s how well a tank can balance a glass of beer.

(Thanks to John Gregg)


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Nothing better than a tankard of beer to start the day!

If it's pnly 3.2 beer, spiked with saltpeter, nobody really cares.

Rommel, less spilling, tastes dictate. Pick up a cask today. Rommel, the brewski that invaded Brewski.

Mein Bier halten und schau dies an!

(Um, maybe better just stick with "Prost!")

Meanie the Blue translated...

"Hold my beer and look at this!"

(The Google German to English translator)

Not an issue. NOTHING can spill German beer.

Don't tank and drive, people!

Also, having gone through Driver's Ed while on a military base in Germany, the tank-vs-car videos they made us watch left me scarred for life. o.O

Next thing you know some theme restaurant will be serving the beer like this.

They should have these Leopards serving beers at Octoberfest. That would be AWSOME!

My girlfriend always wore tank tops and she could balance two tankards of beer and allow mid-air refueling.

Pretty sure a Pinot Grigio is the appropriate wine for this.

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