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January 22, 2023


We think the bird is a heron. The other wildlife unit is either an iguana or a squirrel wearing an iguana costume.





Update from Suzie Q Wacvet:

Squirrel costume


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great blue heron. you could be right about the squirrell

I thought Miami was known for it's wildlife that's usually seen after sunset.

Right on Keith... a Great Blue Heron. The herons keep their necks in an 'S' shape while crane necks are shorter and straight.

I hate to see those herons fly off, but I've moved on with no egrets.

The Great Blue Heron is a close genetic relative to the Black tar Methadone.

A squirrel wearing an iguana costume stays a few doors down.

A splooting iguana.

Warm blooded squirrels sploot on shaded grass or tree branches to cool off in the heat of summer.

Cold blooded iguanas & other lizards sploot on sun warmed rocks & surfaces to increase their body temperature to a comfortable level.

This iguana has a mean expression on its face. It likely has a splooting headache.

WIKI: "An all-white subspecies, the Great White Heron, is found in coastal areas of southern Florida, along with individuals that are intermediate in plumage (showing a grayish body with a mostly white head and neck), known as “Würdemann’s Heron.”" ...This is all VERY confusing.

The Florida Great White Herons usually appear bearing rebel flag & swastika markings, while emitting a shriek reminiscent of 'Sweet Home Alabama', as they forage in the Florida panhandle.

Florida Herons sometimes are spotted with long gold chains as they strut their big peckers under clingy Speedos along Miami's South Beach.

I'm impressed. California blue herons would NEVER let you get that close to them. Either The Blog is a Heron Whisperer or that's a deaf and blind heron...or maybe a telephoto lens was used...I prefer the Heron Whisperer explanation.

@ripley - I have fished from a boat anchored near shore while a Blue heron stood on shore looking over my shoulder. He didn't seem at all bothered by my presence, and caught more fish than I did.

@pogo - There is an unspoken bond between fishermen. But, I will have to consider the possibility that I appear threatening to herons. They never let me get close enough to smell me.

I heard that the Miami Police are setting up a special action squad similar to a SWAT force - they will call it CS/I - Miami. Crime Squirrel/Iguana. It hopes to find out if it is the squirrels giving iguanas a bad name by wearing iguana- like costumes.

@ripley - the California Blue Heron doesn't let me get near either, even if I move very quietly.

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