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January 23, 2023


We’re a time travelling couple from 2027 – we even have ‘video proof’ that we are all alone in just four years

(Thanks to pharmaross)

Note from Dave: I closed the comments on this post and deleted some because somebody decided to make it political. Life is too short, people.


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I was hoping for some proof that octopus tentacle earplugs had really caught on, as I’m looking for a good product/company to invest my cryptocurrency in.

A "time travelling" couple who claim are in the year 2027
"The woman who claims she is a scientists .."
"único sobreviviente" (aka, "lone survivor")
Maria: "I am a scientist, my strong point is nuclear physics. "I know Javier and his experiment since the beginning even though he didn't know it at the time. And now finally I'm here to help him."

My gosh, they seem to be from a future of idiots .. nuclear physicist who doesn't know how to spell and construct a coherent sentence. Javier's none to bright if he didn't know that Maria The Nuclear Physicist was there.

Isn't it strange that they don't give me credit for doing the camera work?

Dear "Ghost" - knock off the political comments. This is a humor blog.

45 seconds in, the woman's reaction speaks for all of us.

It's pronounced 'nuke-uuu-lar'. Re: Homer Simpson and George Bush.

If there's gonna be nobody left, won't that throw a lot of shade on the 2028 election results?

Surely Rupert Murdoch wouldn't print something in The Sun that wasn't true, right?

Dear Ghost of CNN,
I'm with MOTW. Shut up. This is a humor blog and you are far from entertaining or funny.

Time out, please. There are lots of places elsewhere on the web to express political opinions. No one is suggesting against anyone else's right to hold such opinions, only that they not be expressed here in this place where lots of people come together to see if we can make each other laugh a bit. Just one man's opinion.

You may not like my politics, and I might not like yours, but I'm not here to turn something fun that we all enjoy into a battleground.

The Bigfoot/Nessie/aliens people have a lot fewer holes in their stories.

If you believe everything you read in the Sun, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

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