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January 10, 2023


California National Guard general fired after he allegedly made troops take his mom shopping

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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What group of rioters would he have needed to disperse during covid? Weren't we all supposed to be social distancing?

Well, that wasn't the only reason, but I loved the comments from the guard who had to accompany her.
"She was particular. When I say particular, it had to be at Whole Foods. … It just took her a long time to decide what she wanted, a lot of comparison shopping amongst products."
That's more like 'browsing' .. which is said of ruminants when they are grazing.

Sounds like a pretty cost-effective method for house-to-house guerilla tactics training for the troops.

MOTW: Technically, "browsing," when referring to alimentation, involves ingesting woody material; while grazing ingests grasses, herbs, etc. Moose and deer browse; cows graze. I snarf.

Sounds like he just needed the F-15 to intimidate his mother into making a delivery order from Whole Foods. A reservist gets to log some cockpit hours and everybody's happy in the end.

No wonder it is so hard to find parking at a Whole Foods store these days. "Sir, could you park that plane in the compact zone and not in the disabled parking space? Thank you."

Any coupons today?

“Was that wrong?
Should I not have done that?
I gotta tell you, if anyone had told me that was wrong. . . .”

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