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January 18, 2023


Conspiracy fans are convinced that a mural from the 1930s proves 'time travel exists' after they spotted a 'mobile phone' in the painting.

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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There is also that forbidden Apple iPhone photo proof.

It looks more like the remote control for the jaccuzzi he's sitting in.

Veriz0n will stop at nothing to promote the supposed superiority of their network, which in this case must be a minus-26 G.

Who is this Mr. Pynchon? Everyone knows Springfield was settled by Jebediah.

I believe that's Willy Pynchonme, who was in the boat with Jebediah Inchonme, and in some circles it's still debated to this day as to whether he fell out of the boat or was pushed.

It was given to him by the witch flying away in the upper right corner.

@ripleysparrow - I'll get you, my pretty .. and your little smartphone, too!

Conspiracy theorists have too much time on their hands.

He's holding it vertically for taking a video. That's proof enough for me.

He's making a bigfoot video that we'll never get tp see.

You know it’s legit, because they didn’t have photoshop back then.

Here's a photo of a cell tower from back then.

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