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January 17, 2023


Cow dung in demand for gobbemmas ahead of Sankranti

(Thanks to pharmaross, who says "This story gobbemmas-smacked me!")


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A dung beetle walked into a bar and said...

"Is this stool taken?"

Is 'Sankranti' another word for 'Congress'?

I ordered mine on Amazon.

Sankranti is does not mean Congress, but gobbemma is a suitable substitute, as it means a gob of cow dung expected to be worshipped as a diety.

They don't have Amazon in India?

...and the stool said: "That's not how I roll!"

I'm gobsmacked!

"Do you want flies with that ? "

Educational Tip: I've been told cow manure is better than horse manure for the garden because its less weedy. Your welcome.


Both sheep and rabbit manure are better than either, I've been told. And a lot easier to work with.

Of course, they won't satisfy the people who what the stuff for reasons other than as fertilizer. For that, you'd be better off with a loose cow.

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