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January 22, 2023


Now: Pugs.

(Thanks to Barry Nester, who says "22 penguins = 100 pugs")


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And people laugh at America because we don't use the metric system!

Is that more or less than 101 dalmatians?

Were it to crash onto Earth would it be called an asterite?

That's well and good for converting penguins to pugs... But when it comes to factoring, you've really got to know your Shih Tzu.

Is there a lottery for who gets to size up this week's asteroid sightings according to whatever comes to mind?

We've just started the year of the rabbit. Let's hear it for the hare.

Does anyone know the formula for converting litters to litres?

How much is that in giraffes?

Penguins can bathe in the sea, but if the pugs get dirty, from lining them up against the asteroids, they can be taken here: http://pugwashvillage.com/

Can we all just go back to using apples & oranges?

If it crashes into Uranus will it be called a hemorite?

"EXTREMELY CLOSE ASTEROID FLYBY: There's no danger of a collision, but... Newly-discovered asteroid 2023 BU will make an extremely close approach to Earth this Thursday. On Jan 26th at 21:17 UTC (16:17 EST), the 5-meter-wide space rock will be just 3500 km above South America, well within our planet's belt of geosynchronous satellites. Europe's Virtual Telescope Project will live stream the flyby."
...(This from a spaceweather site) Still confused about the size as the don't say what kind of meters.

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