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January 19, 2023


TSA: passenger packs rocket launcher in checked bag

(Thanks to Rod Nunley)


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A Dave Barry Blog classic.

Thankfully, it wasn't a box cutter or a bag of onions.

Visiting the mother-in-law again?

Speaking of rocket launchers at the airport...

I recently received a penile implant after having a radical prostatectomy, to put a little more perk in my part. I now have to declare my new rocket launcher when going through scanners at TSA checkpoints.

Hopefully they don't charge me more for my new carry-on bag.

Well what if the plane loses an engine?

@lucky Jack

Hopefully a stewardess will be amenable to go down with me & my pocket rocket.

Sometimes they can have a bad altitude when it comes to Mile High Club inquiries.

Perhaps the passenger wanted to be able to shoot his/her mouth off. Also, isn't Cockburn a serious medical condition? I mean if I go into CVS complaining about a cockurn would they know what to recommend to me?

Just ask Dave about the TSA scanners...

Dave's blurred groin...

I'm on some kind of TSA list. Every time I travel, I end up with a TSA card in my checked luggage, telling me they opened and inspected my bags.

As a medical rep, I attend a lot of meetings and ongoing training sessions. We always have a lot of books, manuals and other hand-outs that weigh down our bags. Very annoying but apparently necessary in this day and age. I even joined the TSA Precheck program but keep getting flagged. At least my groin isn't blurred in the body scans.

I'm just wondering how my new bionic hip joint will show up to the TSA.

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