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January 09, 2023


Lucy Postman


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Let sleeping dogs lie.
She deserves her nap.

Ohh! NOOO!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgpEVzCUr3sNOOOO!


Is there a pool on how long that item will last ? And does it have a squeaker in it ?

What a day for a daydream. Speaking of a dream, I had one this morning. When reading the following keep thinking how insightful I am for posting this.

I rarely dream. I never have a dream of which I remember anything of significance from the minute I awake. I open my eyes and any hint of what I was dreaming vanishes instantly. I do have nightmares I remember. I probably need to seek professional help because I remember those and as I type this I am scared to death. Of exactly what, I am not sure, but I am scared.

So, this morning I am dreaming. I got to a store, like a Big Lots/Comp USA combo, set out to buy a new computer. I see a cardboard 'box o' computer' with a large 'VC" in an orange and yellow circle on the side of the box. I read, but can determine the 'VC' is an enhancement of the computer itself, like it's Primo Computer, or a store label signifying, this is a special primo computer.

So, after some deliberation and rationalizing the 'VC' is a good thing, being a primo computer and all, I make my way to the checkout line. There is a line of people and a woman speaks to me. She has a great smile and is very enthusiastic about whatever it is she is talking about, but I can only think, "I could bed her what is she going on about." I wait my turn glancing at the 'VC' stamped on the side of the box. I sat down once and I had a bad attitude about waiting in line (I almost went into a horrific nightmare here).

So, it's my turn to check out so I place the box down for the clerk to check me out. She scans the box.

"That will be ninety-six dollars, do you have your 'VC" card?"

I give thought and say, "I don't have a 'VC" card."

Thinking quickly, I say, "how much is it without a 'VC" card.?"

She checks the price and looks at me and says, "eighty-six dollars."

I say without hesitation, "I'll take that one."

The look on that guy's face says, "Lucy stole my package."

Doesn't "VC" stand for "Viet Cong"? ITS A TRAP !

I had a revelation after I awoke. I was about to turn my computer off as I was leaving and when I went to click, TURN OFF, I thought...Microsoft should label this icon, FOGETTABOUTIT.

Switch User

This shows the tight security setup at DBblog headquarters after the day shift has gone home, nursecindy was told to stand down from her telephone alert, and the intimacy coordinator was off to have a nice-rest-of-his/her-day. The intruder alert system has been activated and all the sensitive documents have been put in the safe. Cap'n Dave now is free to take his mother to Whole Foods who, by the way, likes to do a lot of comparison shopping.

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