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January 26, 2023


An asteroid the size of a delivery truck

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston)


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Fedex or Amazon? So it's gonna land on somebody's porch?

So maybe 45 penguins?

I found, using one of my many fake identities, and listened to this interview earlier. No mention of the asteroid.

I have stumbled across several of Dave's things in recent days. I'm getting *DAMNED* tired of it. Like I have time to accidently discover his stuff all day long. I do a search for, say rolled gauze, and there He is.

How many delivery trucks equal one Rhode Island?

No big deal - both FedEx and Amazon pass my house every day. By the way, what is the plural of FedEx? Fedicies or FedExes?

So do we hold off on the mortgage payment?

Inquiring minds, etc.

Also, what size delivery truck? Is it a basic U-Haul or a double size FedEx truck? Because that could make a bit of a difference.

Be sure not to fall for the old asteroid driver needs to confirm your order scam.

But the British tabloids said it is the size of a bus. Single or double decker?

If they had sized this thing up in the technical unit of "lorry", I would have been gobsmacked.

Well, if it only makes right turns that might explain the circular orbit?

Ed, having lived in Rhode Island, I can tell you that RI equals 0.53 delivery trucks.

Rhodesia divided by 100,000 = Rhode Island

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