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January 21, 2023


NYPD officers caught having sex in car after residents hear screams

(Thanks to Barry Nester)


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Pics or it didn't happen.


Slap on the cuffs and frisk me!!!

One Adam-12... Code 69 in progress!!!

Now their careers are really...

Their Alexa Auto recorded all the action...

" the caller heard "a woman screaming in a parking lot"

Her phone rang. The caller said her extended warranty was about to expire.

Which of them brought the donuts?

This could get their Sergeant to look the other way...

Car sex happens more frequently than you might think...

On the plus side, at least they weren't in uniform, but perhaps next time they should consider working undercover.

They probably could have done without the crime scene tape.

They denied they were having sex.

"So why were you naked then?"

"Um... you take that one."

Also, inquiring minds (my wife) want to know, did his wife divorce him?

And who gets the Works and Plays Well With Others Prize for having the inspiration to have them "work" together?

"Familiarity breeds contempt" may have been the concept that the department was trying to encourage.

Officers Having Sex In Car Soundtrack...

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