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December 03, 2022


‘A dud’: European Union’s $500,000 metaverse party attracts six guests

The event, with its own virtual DJs playing music on repeat, was supposed to be so digitally enticing to young people that once they were there the EU would be able to educate them about its development policy.

Nothing excites youths like a chance to listen to virtual DJs while being educated on development policy!

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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They should never schedule events in conflict with Polka night at the town hall.

The idea need to be quadrupled in budget and replicated!

The worst part is five of the six were bots, and the other one got there by fat-fingering.

Virtual dumpsters filled with virtually spoiling virtual deviled eggs. Have you ever tried returning cases of virtual cocktail napkins to virtual Carrefour?

“The metaverse is not meeting our expectations. "

Perhaps if we had some idea what it actually was...?

My comment will be the sixth one, unless somebody jumps in front of me, which is exactly how many people showed up.
If people just want to throw money away send it my way!

Do i even want to know what "fat-fingering" is?

That is not a question I can answer, as such, for to find those responses one must first look within oneself.

I never metaverse I did not like.

Mark Zuckerberg said this was the wildest meta party he'd been to in his whole digital life. So there.

No venue, no food, no drinks, no party favors... Exactly what did they spend $500,000 on?

@wanderer - probably wasn't for paying the programmers ...

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