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December 07, 2022


Intimacy coordinator shares how she helps actors look naked on TV

(Thanks to Robert Moats)


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I take it this is pro bono work.

"Let's see, we went over your job history, which looked very good, how about education...what was your major?"

"Intimacy Coordinator."

"Ah, great. You should do well here coordinating incoming freight here at our Fed X loading dock."

If she was responsible for Dennis Franz' nude scene on NYPD Blue, she should be criminally charged.


A Whole Nude World

Does her resume list include "Emperor's former tailor"?

Sounds like on a good day that job can be real handful.

I couldn't bear to take that job.

right after the line about the importance of consent and comfort when it comes to filming sex scenes.

comes this

"What is inflation and what causes it"

This industry took a big hit when "Game of Thrones" finished up.

Great news - nursecindy has agreed to come aboard the good ship 'DBblog' to be the intimacy coordinator. After all she has many years of peeking behind those surgical gowns so nothing makes her face turn read. Plus she can help out on the Bridge - her resume states she is a ghostwriter and has recently published her secrets:


Things that make you go "hmmmm"....
Intimacy Coordinator.....Public Nudity....

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