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November 27, 2022


City employee in  Japan kills wild boar with spear on elementary school grounds

Vaguely related: Japanese zoo practices lion escape protocol in hilarious drill

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Never mess with a man holding a huge Ginsu knife on a stick. If Shakira ever travels to Japan, this man should be on her security team.

Aparently, taking away his credit card just wasn't an option?

In defense of the guy in the lion costume, no way could he be fired for that in France.

We can only imagine what happened after they returned that lion to its cage.

That first story needs to be a major post-Apocalypse motion picture, possibly starring The Rock. Or Sly Stallone.

All the aggressiveness of Snagglepuss. That was hilarious!

The man's a hero. Boars are scary enough when they're unarmed.

Boars, wild or otherwise, should not be allowed to have spears. Just my two cents.

Boars, wild or otherwise, should not be allowed to have spears. Just my two cents. stumble guys online

Obviously, that video needs Benny Hill music. Plus a couple of volunteer zookeepers to hang upside down from tree branches with the backs of their shorts in tatters.

Straight from the lunch room, spear in hand, they are the Lord of the Fries.

Brings to mind all those stories about a giant lizard that levels Tokyo. First Godzilla was a bad guy for tearing up all of Japan and then he/she became a hero, sort of like they do in professional wrestling. Waiting to see if the boar suddenly appears in a giant form and roots thru Tokyo. Boarzilla

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