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November 23, 2022


Here is some good advice for you: there is no need, ever, to bring a snake to the emergency room. 

(Thanks to MOTW)


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Any varmint that bites me is going to need a doctor pronto.

If the snake tells you to, it IS!

Snake: " I can't feel my legs ! "

In one discussion board, someone asked if a snake bitten by a human would need to bring in the human, presuming it was able to drive itself to emergency care

What if it's the victim's emotional support snake?

Notice that the snake guy said his helper was bitten not by a potentially deadly snake, but by a SQUIRREL. Do we need any more proof that the squirrel is the most evil animal on earth?

This happens more often than you would think. I had a guy bring a live rattlesnake in one day and he had it in a Walmart bag. He said he wanted to make sure that we knew what type of snake had bitten him. I told him if he ever did it again the snake bite was going to be the least of his problems.

What if the toilets in the emergency room are stuffed?

What's in your snake bucket?™
And kudos to @Rod for reading the article and picking up on the squirrel bite.

Hey, I think a great calendar theme would be having nursecindy pose with snakes she has known. January is nursecindy holding a garter snake, February is nursecindy holding a anaconda, March is nursecindy holding a rattle snake - you get the idea. Is nursecindy charming?

And trying to think of a great finish to this "A snake slithers into an emergency room ..." I have been to Home Depot and they have a whole display snakes.

Again with the nursecindy - 'Sir, just put your asp up on the table.'. A man crawls into the ER where nursecindy is on duty and says "I was urinating in the woods and this snake jumped out and bit me right on the end of my penis. I was told that you have to cut two incisions over the bite marks and suck the poison out or I'll die." nursecindy says "You are going to die."

If you did that withy nursecindy in Florida, one of the snakes would have to be a major python.

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