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November 30, 2022


An anonymous man who allegedly worked for the CIA claims he saw both living aliens and retrieved parts and remains of alien ships

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Did he see the movie Independance Day?

Nobody will be able to tell who is now that they told us he is anonymous.

Hey, if it's in the Daily Mirror you know it must be true, right?

I have the weird feeling that somewhere we've seen pictures of his toes.

It's his anonymity as much as it is that the CIA took away his name and gave him a number.

If there are no blurry photos, it didn't happen.

I think he was describing Michael Jackson

The guy totally looks like Jason Bourne, so I'm a believer.

He's the guy in the photos from the 1940's who is talking on a cell phone. Where's Waldo?

There is a very well-written and sourced book by Annie Peterson that reports that the aircraft which (really) crashed near Roswell, when disassembled, had markings of "CCCP" on the inside of the fuselage. So unless Stalin was an alien (which is plausible), this was just Stalin f***ing with us. Honestly I'm not sure which story is weirder. I mean, this story implies Stalin was into recycling.

I have seen those recovered parts on Ebay. They are being sold as replacement parts for the dashboard of Yugos and with some slight modifications can be used in the 1973 Chevy Vega. Back to the Future

As cold as it is here today, what he saw were probably Artesians, no aliens.

(Sorry, if you're under age 35, that joke might be lost upon you)

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