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November 30, 2022


Climate change is altering squirrels' SPERM

(Thanks to DaninDallas and Emily, Leslie and w)


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I saw Shooting Blanks open for the Sex Pistols.

Eastern Gray Squirrels don't hibernate. Chipmunks, however, do. And this season, when they should be hibernating by now, are still running around raiding the bird feeders. I guess it gives them more time to undermine your house.

I don't know who Richard is, or why he has ground squirrels. The Daily Mail screwed up as usual. The critter found in Manitoba is the Richardson's ground squirrel, as the linked statement in the article notes.

How large is the NSF grant for collecting squirrel sperm?

Remember the days before climate change when that was blamed on tighty-whiteys?

I think the squirrels planted this story to throw us off our guard.

I wonder if you could make a Big Mac with ground squirrel.

What would the "special sauce" be made of?

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