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November 23, 2022


Neanderthals cooked meals with pulses 70,000 years ago

(Thanks to EricY) 


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Pretty sure that's what they're serving at Denny's.

Sounds like the plot for a new cooking show on the Food Network

A slightly faded godbazillion year old label was also discovered.

Now with wild nuts, peas, vetch, a legume of edible seed pods and grasses combined with pulses of beans and lentils, and an extra helping of Cave dwelling cheer,

Seasons Greetings From Marie Callender's.

At Neanderthal's Olive Garden you are always family. And the Never Ending Pulse Bowl is back.

But they still would prepare the meat with a Thagomizer.

This study looked at charred food fragments, which probably would not have included mushrooms, which are not fibrous. Add them and this crap becomes tolerable.

Neanderthals may have also been the first people to re-gift fruit cakes.

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