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November 08, 2022


Passengers on a plane could not use the toilets because the tank was full, forcing it to make an unscheduled stopover

(Thanks to B&C)


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If that happened on a bus you could just open a window.

On the plus side, they didn't find any snakes.

I looked it up: flight from Gran Canaria to Manchester, England is 4 hours, 40 minutes.

Pilot to passengers: I told y'all to go before we departed.

Remember all those stories about blue ice falling from the sky & that Halloween prank that involves a flaming paper bag left on a front porch? Does that explain that flaming ball of something that burnt that poor guys house in California?

At least when you drive, you can always pull off the road and go behind a tree.

If some nitwit ground crew member forgets to drain the waste tank pre-flight you just need to send Harrison Ford down there to vent the tank manually.

Terrible, it's good that it didn't leak through the top.

That's the last time they serve burritos in first class.

So they had to give the plane an enema?

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