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November 23, 2022


Models strip naked and pose with giant fish for 2023 'erotic carp calendar'

Advisory: Naked carp

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I bet all the bass fishermen are pissed off.

Are the models available mounted on boards, like Big Mouth Billy Bass? Asking for a friend.

I hope none of them are jail bait.

Nice to see that they're enthusiastic supporters of catch & release.

Carpy diem.

Sniff-sniff. Smells like...fish.

Gills, gills, gills.

I liked the first girl the best. She looks like she really knows how to handle a carp!

I am reminded of a cartoon by Richard Guindon many years ago that showed the right and wrong way to carry your carp. He was a carp expert, and published a book titled The World According to Carp.

It looks like some women are just drawn to scale.

I saw "Erotic Carp" open for Meatloaf.

Hey Dave...Naked Carp Calendars would make a great addition to your annual Christmas Gift List.

Erotic Carp toured with Phish.

I'm waiting for the next calendar where they pose with minnows. Did anybody see any warning such as 'No Carp were harmed in the photographing of this calendar. Do state fish & game department require you get a fishing license for carp?

The carp were caught before they were handed to the models?

I can't believe this!

Sounds fishy to me.

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