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November 09, 2022


Today is National Scrapple Day.

(Thanks to Al Barkafski)

This blog happens to love scrapple; we learned to love it during our undergraduate years (1804-08) at Haverford College (Motto: "We Never Heard Of You Either"). It's a Philadelphia thing. Most people -- Mrs. Blog, for example -- would rather eat a dead bat. Which for all we know is an ingredient in scrapple. We don't care.


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I would say the name scrapple sounds better than "livermush."

Who doesn't like a nice scrap apple pie?

Please celebrate responsibly.

The Scrabble score for "scrapple" is 14.

Question: Do you flour the scrapple before frying, or just fry it in a 'little' extra oil?

So it's pretty the poor man's spam?

I googled what the hell is scrapple, and I wish I didn't.
Ignorance is bliss.

Sounds offal.

Kunzler or nothing

So it’s basically the pork equivalent of lutefisk…

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