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November 28, 2022


...like Caesar salad candy canes.

"With a dash of anchovy."

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston)


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Beware the Ides of December!

Just water with a touch of sardine for me.

The perfect Christmas gift...for your enemies.

Render unto salad, that which is salad's!


Anchovies and candy canes - perfect together...NOT!

I agree with Jeff. No thank you.

Got a naughty brat at your house?
Don’t have access to lumps of coal?
Here’s the stocking stuffer for you!

OK, OK, if you don't like those you can have the lutefisk popsicles.

Sounds like they hired The Grinch to be the menu planner?

I was thinking, "what gift could I give that would make 'old people' remember back when they were a kid." Then I thought of this. In place of chewing gum. Only $4.19. I may get for a couple for me to chew. You not only get 'high' from the smell, chewing it gets you high plus makes you feel sick. The little straw is useless for making bubbles. You have to discard the straw and the idea of making bubbles and just chew it.

The plastic bubbles would make a great Christmas Gift Guide item for old people. Dave could tell some guy, "stop blowing in that straw trying to make a bubble and just put it in your mouth and chew it like gum."

Camera turns momentarily away and the guy instead puts a planned wad of gum in his mouth and chews.

*The camera swings back to the guy laying on the floor clutching the half empty tube moaning for a doctor.*

Man Tom: I had more fun with "Super Elastic Bubble Plastic" once I learned that the fumes from the soft plastic, and therefore the resultant balloons themselves, where highly combustible, and made a pretty decent bang when ignited.

I didn't know my grandmother could jump that high...until I bought a carbide cannon. Anyone else remember "Bangsite" (calcium carbide)? It makes acetylene gas when mixed with water. We used bits of it to launch tin cans higher than the power lines.

Ah, the good old days.

PirateBoy - ah, yes...balloons and the good old days. I was a preschooler, like 4 years old and made a bunch of water balloons. I, being a thoughtful, innovative deep thinker as a 4 year old, decided to hide along, hunch down to be exact, the hedges in my front yard, pop-up unnoticed then throw the water balloon at an on coming Bi-state bus. The balloon went right in an open window. I ran like one of the 'rascals, buckwheat, the last thing I saw was that water balloon going right into the open window.

*Thinking back, I believe the bus driver and some of the passengers saw me running away from the scene and laughed their butts off.

Oh, I chewed up several tubes of that stuff I linked at different times. I can still smell and taste it. Like I said I was a thoughtful, innovative deep thinker when I was four.

Along those lines, here's a special Halloween treat to hand out next year.

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