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November 09, 2022


The eye-opening results scientists found when they studied bug splats on cars

(Thanks to Barry Nester)

The Bug Splats WBAGNFARB. 


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This made me think of the opening scene in Men In Black.
Can't read the article (hit a paywall).

I know where the mud flaps are supposed to go, but where do you mount the bug splats?

Think of the harm these scientists could do if they weren't counting bug splats! And by "harm" I mean /*$..(\... no carrier

They're actually right. I drive weekly through an area that in years past guaranteed a good dozen splats per trip. It's been months since I've had a bug splat driving the same route.

Has it occurred to anyone that bugs are just getting smarter?

They had this same problem with the Hubble Space Telescope - they thought they had discovered whole new worlds but when that got out and cleaned the mirror they found all these bug splats.

When are they doing the study on why the first bird poop to hit a clean windshield is always in your direct line of sight?

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