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November 28, 2022


Oxford scientists crack case of why ketchup splatters from near-empty bottle

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Meanwhile, junior high school scientists have noted that stomping on ketchup packets splatters pretty well too.

Remember that scene in A Christmas Story where the mom hasn't eaten a hot meal in years because she is always busy serving everyone else? I have a friend who was in the middle of such a meal with her four kids. After about ten minutes of constantly ferrying things from the kitchen to the table, she sat down with a sigh to begin eating .. and one of her kids asked for ketchup. She got up from her seat, retrieved the ketchup from the kitchen, removed the cap, and slammed the bottle on the table .. whereupon the contents were launched into the air. One of the blobs landed on one of the kid's curly bangs .. which he looked up at with crossed eyes. The other kids were biting their lips to keep from laughing since they knew that mom was a might upset .. but then she began to giggle about it and they all had a very good laugh.
I have loved that story and my friend for 25+ years.

On the plus side, at least they didn't try to blame the dog.

This blog is great to ketchup on what is the news. I have not heard the old argument of catsup versus ketchup. What happened there?

@Captain - it's Cat Soup

For those of you who remember Prairie Home Companion:
The Ketchup Advisory Board

I was in SF once during the decline of the "hippie movement". At a booth next to me, an Abbie Hoffman wanna-be was meeting his parents, obviously for the first time in years. The conversation, everything from his hair length to the Vietnam war, gradually grew louder, and the restaurant started to grow quiet, as all the other customers started to listen to the growing commotion.

That lasted until Abbie Jr. picked up a bottle of ketchup and attempted to apply it to his burger (Queue "Anticipation" by Carly Simon here).

After a few shakes of the bottle, no ketchup was forthcoming, so Abbie Jr. gave it a good "smack!" with his palm.

The bottle shattered, and the contents soon covered everyone at his table.

I've never seen a mass murder before, but the victims must look like this family.

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