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November 30, 2022


In case you missed it, here's the interview this blog did with the great Larry Csonka at the Miami book Fair.


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Really enjoyed watching the interview - thanks for sharing that!

MST3K reference: Troy had a picture of Larry Csonka in Final Justice. Rowsdower!

Larry's looking a lot like John Cleese these days.

Long before Pro Football was what it is not today, Larry was on the undefeated '72 Miami team.

Nobody Zonked like Zonk.

Huh? I click on the link provided and it takes me to a splash screen and a button for Play. Hit the Play button and then nothing. What is the secret here? Hope I don;t have to have a membership in something to get in.

Very Carsonesque...

You harvested some juicy kernals from his book.

You planted the seeds and let him run with it.

Thankfully, Mr. Csonka still has his wits about him after all the hits he took over 11 seasons of pro football.

Too many interviewers step on or step in the way of a good story, like Leno, or Philbin, etc al.

Nice job Dave in bringing out the best of Csonka! A guy that loved the game and how it brought Miami together in trying times.

If it's books you want, read "Everyone's a Coach: You Can Inspire Anyone to Be a Winner."

This interview, given to a packed house, is much like an oral history. Not too long from now these players will be gone, but artifacts like this will be precious to those who are seeking to understand our times in depth.

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