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November 08, 2022


Largo woman hit man with plank because she wasn’t ‘getting enough attention,’ police say

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Maybe he was just getting board with her?

Records show she had multiple battery convictions from previous arrests and was on probation for battery at the time of this incident.

She sounds reasonable.

Maybe she would get more attention if she wasn't so largo? :P

Come on boy, see about me (come see about me)
See about your baby (come see about me)
You know I'm so lonely (come see about me)
I love you only (come see about me)
See about your baby (come see about me)
Hurry, hurry (come see about me)

Of course, she got even less attention after knocking him out.

She was applying the "beatings will continue until morale improves" theory of interpersonal relationships. Further research is needed.

Reminds me of the latest episodes of “Spitting Image” on British TV. Every time Prince Andrew’s puppet appears and is about to speak, he gets knocked on his keister by a 2 by 4


I really do NOT want those laser beams locked on me, thank you very much.

run away, run away quickly

I originally misread that as "Large woman", but I suspect that's still accurate.

Getting hit with a plank will definitely get my attention.

That's not how planking is usually done.

A woman goes into a bar and says "Hit me with a Rusty Nail".

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