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November 29, 2022


Man Busted For Striking Girlfriend With Sex Toy During Motel Argument

(Thanks to Barry Nester)


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If he hit her in the chest with it, he clearly doesn't understand where that toy is supposed to be used.

In his defense, maybe she refused to slap his mellon?

On the plus side, he was just acting in self defense because she refused to stop & put away the sex toy.

All New American Monster, Bruised and Beaten with a Dildo.

A professional engineer turns diabolical when he designs a projectile leaving his one night stand with gruesome bruises no one at his office expected.

A new photo for the motel's promotional postcard is in the works. You can send them to your friends.

You can take my sex toy when you pry it from my dead, cold hand. Or: When sex toys are outlawed, only outlaws will have sex toys.

Some folks just don't like being toyed with.

Soon to be made into a movie coming to a theater near you...

"Toy Story 69 - Good Vibrations"

He "was arrested for domestic battery". I thought that a domestic battery was needed for the sex toy to work!

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