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November 09, 2022


Florida Woman Bites Boyfriend Over Sex Toy Ownership Dispute

(Thanks to Ralph)


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"...refused to hand over the handy gadget to her boyfriend."

Handy gadget? Can we not get a better description of the sex toy? If this goes to trial, the jury will need to see such sex toy to decide how "handy" it is.

Rumor has it that by studying dental records and comparing them with the bite marks, it appears the toy was previously in the oval office.

I'm sure he's grateful she knew the difference.

(but rather arguing over the ownership of a sex toy, which turned violent.)
If it was violent I'd just let my partner keep it.

Somebody needs to tell them that you can buy pretty much anything you want on Amazon.

I think inquiring minds want to know what was said sex toy, not to mention, can we see a picture?

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