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November 28, 2022


Man arrested after family Monopoly game turns violent, Tulsa police say

(Thanks to Alan West, who says "I hope he kept his 'Get Out of Jail Free' card.")


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There was a lot of money, and an iron, at stake.

Not to worry, a good lawyer will prove the gun was just a game piece, and plea deal it down to his making a sizable contribution to The Community Chest, AFTER passing GO & collecting $200.

I thought this kind of thing only happens on Hollywood Squares, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy or Family Feud?

He won't be residing on Park Place any time soon.

My family is very competitive and there were usually a lot of tears during a game of Monopoly however, my ex-husband's family was worse. We were all playing a game of Yahtzee one night and for some reason I threw three double sixes in a row. My ex-FIL said I was cheating and wanted to know where I'd gotten the loaded dice. That was my last Yahtzee game with them. One Thanksgiving my daughter brought a boyfriend over and a game of Yahtzee broke out. He told her later he never knew that Yahtzee was a contact game.

Do not let this guy near a Bingo hall when he gets older.

@nursecindy, no Monopoly or Yahtzee players in my family, but I was once threatened with bodily harm after a heated game of Pictionary because I'm a terrible artist. I haven't played it since.

I wanted to know if we were playing Monopoly after the Thanksgiving meal so I would know whether to include a prayer for absolution in the grace.

calling nursecindy - isn't passing and go the same thing in medical terms?

scrabble can also turn violent. (violent = 32)

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