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November 25, 2022


Texas woman sets boyfriend's house ablaze after another woman answers his phone: Police

Oops: The other woman “later turned out to be his relative.”

(Thanks to Barry Nester)


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I guess tomorrow's movie and dinner plans are off for now.

The other woman "later turned out to be his relative."

What was she before?

Guys I just want to assure you that most of us women are not this crazy. In fact if most of us were in a similar situation we'd politely ask who the woman was and then consider your answer in a sane and rational manner. If we were not satisfied with your answer we would not set fire to your sofa. Maybe a small outdoor chair with you tied to it but not your sofa.

So if two women answered his phone, that seems about right.

Rejected script for " Love Story Two".

She's sounds like she might be one of those ladies who were making vids with the minister on the alter.

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