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November 25, 2022


Hello herald.com,

How are you doing today?

I'm sure you have been contacted regarding this before but


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herald.com has a vehicle warranty?

Some clever Scotsman trying to sell the Herald blurry pictures of a water-horse being levitated into a UFO?

" How are you doing today? "

Feeling a little poorly, thanks for asking.

Speaking of the Herald, yesterday we received an item we had ordered from a local retailer here in Japan, and it came in some waterproof wrapping paper that had English newsprint from the Reagan era on it. I found myself reading an article by an unnamed writer based in Miami that started out, “Recently, as a result of some unforeseeable beers, I fell behind on my work.” Hmmm, I thought, where have I heard that kind of writing before? The writer went on to mention going to the racetrack with the Miami Herald’s racing writer, Dick Evans, and cited a handicapper named Francis Mood at an earlier newspaper he had worked at called The Daily Local News. Hmmm, I thought again. At the end of the article was a copyright sign and Knight-Ridder Newspapers. Apparently there is a market here in Japan for your work...as wrapping paper. But it made my evening!

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