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November 29, 2022


Hi friend ,

We are selling screws and showers ,


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It’s admittedly been quite a while since someone has propositioned me in that way.

What about the soup? You forgot to mention the soup?

Is that an error in translation, because they meant screws & washers, not screws & showers?

Screws in showers? Sounds interesting, but I'm not paying for it.

"And showers" or IN showers?

Inquiring minds...

Email marketing rules for success.

Rule #1. Opening the inquiry with Screw in the Shower enhances readership and gets 87.6 % more response than not mentioning the concept. Being clear on the concept is vital to email marking success.

*87.6 is rounded off and may require a follow-up email offering one of these to achieve desired results.

Who remembers when Screw Extractor toured with Chubby Checker?

Sounds like something from Monty Python.

Sounds great! I'll take 2.

What about shower curtain rings? Paging Del Griffith. (RIP John Candy)

Didn't mantom date a woman who was into nuts & bolts?

"Screws & Showers" is a wholly owned subsidiary of "Soup or sex?".

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