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November 28, 2022


I'm sorry to hurry you up. I've been waiting for your reply during 8 days.


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The underlying message could mean buck teeth and bad harmony not to mention adenoidal tones.

When does Hannukah start?

Greetings of the day,

Do the needful.

I hope you found my assistance worthful.

Contact me again when that count reaches 8888 days.

Who knew that Dave was so cold hearted? Make him wait some more!

So sorry for the inconvenience. Why don't you read through this extended vehicle warranty or these Medicare plan details while you wait?

Cmon Dave....reply to the poor schmo. Ask for money.

I just can't decide. I need to get the wife an xmas present and I originally thought your $29.99 a month fee for your Elite Blog membership would please her. But I truly love her and, like you always say, if you truly love her then the $59.99 a month Concierge + Plus blog membership is the proper way to go where she can call you any time. Like you also say nothin' says lovin' like a DBarryBlog membership.

I was thinking, "what gift could I give that would make 'old people' remember back when they were a kid." Then I thought of this. In place of chewing gum. Only $4.19. I may get for a couple me to chew. You not only get 'high' from the smell, chewing it gets you high plus makes you fell sick. The little straw is useless for making bubbles. You have to discard the straw and the idea of making bubbles and just chew it.

This sounds like a very angry lady will be calling DBarry ...foul words and dirty names!

But the fellow could have bought his wife a deer rifle, a six-pack of beer and a deer license. But she might have shot HER DEAR and mounted his head on the wall instead of a deer.

Old Time candy dot com. har!

The plastic bubbles would make a great Christmas Gift Guide item for old people. Dave could tell some guy, "stop blowing in that straw trying to make a bubble and just put it in your mouth and chew it like gum."

Camera turns away and the guy instead puts a planned wad of gum in his mouth and chews.

*The camera swings back to the guy laying on the floor moaning for a doctor.*

If you hurry me up .. if you hurry me up, you'll never stop.

If you get a deer license then they can track you. Best to go carp hunting because there is no license required. At least I think there is but maybe so/not so maybe in Florida. You know what they say about carp "Kill your limit but don't limit your kill." Curt Gowdy said that. Or was it that alligator wrestling guy that got caught up by his hobby? Crocodile Dundee?

borrowing from PirateBoy on another thread today
Queue "Anticipation" by Carly Simon here

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