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November 22, 2022


Volkswagen creates motorized office chair with speakers, cameras and party lights

(Thanks to MOTW)


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Office Holiday parties are back, Baby!

But there's no room on the side to paint the band name and the other psychedelic stuff.

Yet another way to avoid building up that pesky muscle tissue.

And how is that different from a 1960's Bug ?

Either that or an update to the Porsche 914.

Top speed 7 mph and it has a trailer hitch. Does this mean
that cube farms will soon hold round ups? Git along, little salespeople!

Can see where this could be the start of some new competitions - chair drag races, chair 500 races, or maybe one of those grocery competitions where contestants find and collect things like Spam and tater tots. Or maybe Volkspeople can make military versions equipped with automatic weapons and laser cannons.

I don't think the EPA regulates office furniture so a clever way to use up all those high emitting diesel engines.

No airbags?

Yup, no air bags, just like NASCAR.

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