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November 09, 2022


Conspiracy theorists think they have proven time travel is real with the image of a person holding a mobile phone at an Elvis concert.

Video footage of a 'beast' that looks just like Bigfoot has been shared online as people say the clip is "crazy".

Woman from 1930s pictures branded 'proof' of time travel after 'using' modern tech

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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"...the image of a person holding a mobile phone at an Elvis concert".

Idiots. It's a small whiskey flask; you can see the spout on the top. She is toasting Elvis.

Bill: Yes, but it could be a whiskey flask FROM MODERN TIMES.

Just more indesputable proof, that most of humanity is not even smart enough to realise just HOW stoopid they really are.

I'll settle it. I will go back in time and interview the woman, and when I bring back my notes then everyone will know the truth.

Every time I've transported back with my mobile phone, I haven't been able to get a signal anywhere.

Could be an SPL meter (Sound Pressure level), an instrument used to measure sound in decibels DBs, (120 DBs is the threshold of pain). The 'man' could be a lawyer gathering 'evidence' for claims of hearing loss.
AKA also known as a "shyster".

The woman from the 1930s is either checking her earring or her hair. My mom used to do that all the time.
I agree with Bill in Seminole too. Looks like a flask to me too although Dave could be correct that it's a modern flask.

I say it is the cosmic effect of an accumulation of time as a result of daylight savings time. Who says that all those hours 'saved' did not finally get out of the container and show up at that particular time showing a guy with a 1.) cell phone, 2.) whiskey flask, etc. Think about what happens in a clothed dryer - that link catcher fills up and has to be relieved. same same

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