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November 30, 2022


Bats use the same techniques as death metal singers to vocalize, study finds

(Thanks to Steve K, GJ, pharmaross and Ralph) 


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This is pretty much the same reason you almost never see a squirrel playing the air guitar.

These are “the first direct observations” of these vocal structures, the researchers said.

'studies have revealed that these folds are crucial for a few unique forms of vocalization, like the distinctive “growling” death metal singers use;

My former guitar teacher explaining the concept to me.

They only way you can tell the difference between the two is that the bats sound much better.

Death metal fans, specifically metal chicks, might just have a new animal mascot.

Ron was the best guitar teacher I ever had. I took lessons in that room and went to concerts at Mirror Image Studios, which Ron owns, many years ago. I took my young son to him for lessons. We got to talking and discovered the same man who made my custom guitar made that Flying V you see in the video. Ron said my guitar was one the top three guitars He had ever played! He asked why I didn't take lessons. So I did. His advice, the best advice I ever got, "hey, forget about all the technical stuff, just learn to play the song and play." Worked for me to this day.

What my son learned from the lessons which He uses till this day, "hey, do you use a Capo for that."

For fun, another really great guitarist I took lessons from for a year.

Then there is my childhood friend who never had a lesson in his life, but made a living at it the entire time.

Holy metalhead, Batman!

Isn't death metal and singer an oxymoron? Did you hear the one about the drug pusher trying to sell oxymorons? Safe - guaranteed to not be contaminated with Fentanyl.

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