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November 23, 2022


Budweiser will ship the unsold Buds to the country that wins the tournament

(Thanks to Steve K, The Perts and Not My Usual Alias, who says “the second-place team will get all the remaining Bud Zero.”)


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Can't they use to fill the Olympic sized swimming pool instead?

Sheesh... No need to be insulting.

Revenge is a dish served best cold?

Yet another circumstance unforeseen by the Geneva Conventions.

If Not My Usual Alias is correct, it will prove once again that second place is just the first-place loser.

This could be interesting if that upstart Saudi team was to win it all.

Nice commitment, but where are they going to find enough sliding boards to derust?

Don't send the beers to Australia. The snakes will just drink them all.

They will use all that beer to drown the frogs, and get the snakes drunk.

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