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November 09, 2022


A Pennsylvania state representative who died last month was reelected during the midterm elections, reports say.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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He remains stiff on combating inflation, post-obituary citing the rising cost of Spaghettios.

Given that congressional seniorty determines many leadership positions, how many committees will he be appointed to and how big will his office be?

He's a great behind-the-scenes dealmaker. Fellow lawmakers either vote his way or he visits them in the night like the Ghost of Christmas Future.

A former resident of Chicago, I presume.

He will for a voting bloc with Dennis Hof.

He's the new "go to guy" for bipartisan legislation. You always end up making a deal with the Devil.

How do they know it was "despite", rather than because he had (along with his political ads, I'm guessing) dropped out of sight?

Further proof that politicians are making this country go to hell in a handbasket.

Georgia Senatorial Runoff Theme Song

If the voters want someone in a casket, I wouldn't be surprised if the next election they vote for the sarcophagus with the flaming cheetos .. that'd be a hot candidate.

U.S. voters did the same thing in the 2020 Presidential election.

It's too bad Dr. Oz lost to him.

He took the Underground votes.

He was drop-dead serious about finality to border crossings.

...Your John Fetterman joke here...


The ultimate impact of the 2022 midterm elections on the Federal Budget Deficit...

So basically, Dr. Oz lost to the scarecrow?

Have the records been checked to see how many of the voters are still alive?

I'm surprised his lead didn't shrink when he was in the primary pool with other candidates.

Did he give his victory speech?

The voters were seeking damage limitation.

Sounds like he urned the most votes.

Is he term limited?

I heard he funded his campaign with cryptocurrency.

Finally a politician that can think outside & inside the box.

He's a died in the wool liberal.

A grave error.

When time starts to run out on a congressional deadline they usually just vote through an amendment to "freeze" the clock in the chamber, problem solved.

I go Pogo
Albert for VP!

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