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October 02, 2022


New law allows Californians to legally jaywalk

(Thanks to man tom)


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I went to school with her. You know, Helena Handbasket.

You would not believe it if I had a way to show and tell you how many people are hit, run over, hit and run, etc. daily where I live. I peruse the crime pages of a local newspaper each day and find it filled with stories of people run over while bicycling, skateboarding, walking and believe it or not, crossing the street where a crosswalk is not designated. I mean *A LOT* of people are hit by cars all the time out here. Like probably hundreds of people just in recent months or at least within the last year!

Unlike when I began driving more than 51 years ago, one of the things most forward on my mind before putting the car in Drive is, *Don't RUN OVER ANYONE*.

Really, the people who dreamed up this law are in fact, insane.

"The reforms enacted in AB 2147 will put an end to that and, in doing so, make all of California safer for pedestrians.”

Near my office. The guy crossed *IN THE CROSSWALK*

The population of CA is roughly 39.35 million. Har! Recent statistics show of those near 40 million, roughly 95.5 percent are homeless. have you ever seen a homeless guy cross the street when it's safe to do so?

My thoughts on the subject of being one of the few not yet homeless in CA.

If you don't like the way I drive, then get off of the sidewalk.

It's been legal in CA to moonwalk on Uranus for years.

Most of my friends have run over people.

A typical conversation each time mrs man tom and I drive together to the office.

"there's a guy in the street on a bicycle."

"I see him."

"The guy is pushing a shopping car in the street."

"I see him (swerves into oncoming lane to miss him)

"There a guy and a girl on a skateboard."

"How did they do that."

"Be careful there's a guy, a woman and their dog pull their belongings up to the light."

"They have two dogs and kid sitting in their belonging, I see them."


"How'd He pass us?"

The most egregious example of jaywalking hasn't been seen since February 6, 2014.

I thought "California pedestrian" was an oxymoron. Don't they drive everywhere, including to their mailbox at the end of the driveway?

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