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October 29, 2022


Feral pandemic goats to be managed by Welsh task force

(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias, who believes they opened for Ozzie.)


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At long last we can all breathe more easily after we figure out just exactly what the hell this means.

Not to worry, there's always extra parts & pieces after the assembly of IKEA items.

wait, is the band "Feral Pandemic Goats" or "Welsh Task Force"?

oh...I get it. It's "Goats To Be Managed".

Silly me

Just dedicate a supply of surfboards for the goats. They stay on the beach waiting for bitchin waves. Problem solved.

And who manages the Welsh Task Force you ask?
Why,Admiral Halsey of course.
At least that's what he called himself when he notified me.

Have they published the tour schedule yet?

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