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October 28, 2022


Mondrian painting has been hanging upside down for 75 years

(Thanks to Doug Ogg)


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Sounds like the museum curator was making some sort of political statement.

Well, you don't want the luck to drain out, now do you?

And Mondrian has, no doubt, turned over in his grave.

I propose they rotate it 90 degrees, and that'll end the debate over whether it's right side up or upside down.

Funny, this is never an issue with my paint-by-numbers works.

Has anybody checked the banana taped to the wall to be sure it's pointing in the correct direction?

I don't see how they missed this for so long. The difference is *staggering*.

Mondrian warns a fourth booster shot may be needed for those who haven't died yet.

To be fair to the curators, the "painting" does looks like the package a real painting would be enveloped in.

It looks just like one of those French bulletin board on which you can display notes and photos by slipping their edges behind cross-crossed strips of ribbon.

The only worthwhile thing you could do with this infantile rubbish would be to use it to display photographs of real art, or perhaps little notes giving directions to the nearest museum that has a collection of something other than pretentious dreck.

If a painting is hung upside down and nobody notices. Is it art?

Oh. Well, now I get it.

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